Hi there,

I’m Em, photographer, videography and writer based in Herefordshire. 

My parents called me ‘Snap Happy’ as a child, but in my mind I was just documenting what was going on for a child no bigger than a toadstool…. now i’m a bit taller and obsessed by the little things in life; ironic really. 

As the name ‘Wildflower’ suggests i’m obsessed with nature and you can find me normally roaming the beautiful landscapes Britain has to offer, or getting lost in a garden centre.

However that does not limit what captures my eye, people interest me also. Coffee shop people watching is one of my favourite activities when I have a quiet afternoon. We are so diverse as a species, each person has a unique trait, talent and story to tell. I often find myself playing the game ‘where are they going?’ or ‘where have they been?’ as they stroll past the window.

As well as keeping my creativity flowing through my own projects, i’m also kept  happily busy by freelance work; which in the past has been for outdoor activity centres, village fates, local news publications and of course the odd wedding here and there.

Now you have read a bit about me, why not take a gander through the site, read a couple of blog posts or watch a video or two.

Wishing you a lovely day.




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