Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

Insightful and fuse lighting with handfuls of humour thrown in the mix.

In all honesty we all either have had a friend like Queenie or been her at some stage in life, maybe you feel exactly like her currently. Whatever the case this book will bring you hope and in some parts a few flashbacks that may make you cringe.

I loved how the author gave a proper and unfiltered insight of how life is for the black community in the UK. The words weren’t made palatable for the readers benefit, but brought a raw reality front and centre. The writing flowed so well that it made even the toughest of events digestible but didn’t take away from the frustrating facts being brought forward.

A whole range of emotions were explored through the pages; anger, sadness, humour, friendship, awkwardness and most importantly hope.

Yes I was angry at certain parts, angry that it would even happen to any human at all; the fact that it does and it’s something that end just with the closing of a book. Eye opening.

Carty-Williams’ storytelling shows how much power words hold and much of a difference they can and do make.

We all want change but we forget that by doing what we have always done, we won’t move forward.

Please read this book.

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