JUNE 2020

Wicked by Design by Katy Moran

Crow *girlish sigh* or Lord Lamorna as he is more formally known, reminds me of a less heartless Gaston, he also doesn’t care too much about his appearance which would make my comparing him to Belles’ determined suitor completely invalid… I digress.

He is a character I would put on my list of ones I’d like to give a good slap in addition taking my hat off to him… such a clever shit. I’m not going to give an example of why I think someone who seems quite impulsive and reckless is also clever, you’ll need to sail that ship yourself.

Hester, a true heroine. Her love for crow is infinite but that doesn’t mean she also would very much like to give him a slap or even a bullet. I love her depth as a character and gumption to keep going even when life is crumbling around her.

Travelling along side them in both England and Russia was pure joy, it wasn’t smooth sailing at any point, however I still laughed, cried and muttered obscenities under my breath.

A gritty and glorious read and one I will go back to again and again.

Also if anyone reads this and doesn’t have the slightest crush on Kitto…well i’m not sure I’d believe you.

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