May 2020

What can I say about ‘Half a World Away’ by Mike Gayle…. 

It was a rollercoaster of emotion and I’m not using that cliche in loose terms in the slightest. You are just reading along, slow and steady thinking you are just gearing up for a lovely little book…then BAM! You are hit with information that changes the whole mood of the book and the characters you have been introduced to. You get wondering about what their pasts were like and pray that this is going in a good direction. It does. But that isn’t a spoiler. 

So the news has broken and events happen and you think my gosh this is so good, so good! And just when you thought things were easy going again or at least you’ve found out all you can, another bombshell is dropped. This one hurts and makes your stomach twist like again, on a rollercoaster you are being pulled up and up and up and you know there will be a drop soon and you almost don’t want it to be true. I almost stopped reading and thought about putting the book in the freezer like Joey did with Little Women.

I read the drop and I did have silent tears through the whole damn thing. 

I love books, obviously, however recently I’ve been finding these ones that have kept me guessing to the very end. All these amazing writers have seemed to have crossed my path and I truly love it! 

This book is a must read but make sure you have chocolate, tissues and possibly pizza handy. 

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