January 2020

An Island Christmas By Jenny Colgan

I questioned myself when I saw this on my book shelf, I’d brought it to read in December (for obvious reasons) but found myself in another world for the festive season. Is it ok to read a book set at Christmas in January ?

The answer was obviously ‘yeah, why not, got for it’ and so I did dive in to the pages once again to follow the story of Flora, the Seaside Kitchen and the Island of Mure as they counted down the days to December 25th.

I was not disappointed in the slightest (a sucker for anything festively themed) there was enough drama, humour and heart hitting plot lines to fill anyones stocking… even as you’d expect a sprinkle of magic amongst the mayhem.

So far I haven’t met a leading lady of Jenny Colgan’s that I haven’t loved and Flora Mackenzie is no exception. I wouldn’t mind being able to pop in for a coffee with her and maybe a slice of something sweet and just put the world to rights.

So if you could sort that out Jenny for me one day that would be great.

All in all a book that I may visit most Decembers because even if I know the outcome the warmth and festive feels will keep me wanting to visit that island and smell the sea air once more.

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