Copper Coin

On a particularly  pessimistic weekend brought on by PMS, she wondered when the greyish tint would be lifted. The sun was bright, air dry and warm but she couldn’t find it wonderful, the vitamin D was wasted on her milky white skin and the heat was simply just annoying.

Normally this feeling would last for a day, after 24 hours of feeling hopeless the slightest rose tint usually appeared…but not this time. The grey had latched on to everything thought, all ideas seemed idiotic and this is when frustration took it’s place centre stage with the voice and hunched appearance of a panto villain. She felt stuck and angry, her usual go to’s weren’t working, music made her emotional and bake off seemed bland and over-baked.

An escape was needed, so like a country song she grabbed her keys and got away.

Fuel, food and fiction were needed for the get away. Ticking the first two off in one fowl swoop gave her a since of achievement that she could get herself out of this funk, even if it only be a few hours.

While using a self service checkout with magazines and a word search book she just fancied something changed her thought process. Paying by card she also requested cash back as she was hopeful she’d have drive through maccys in a couple of hours time. The beeping machine thanked her for the purchase and popped out the £20 and in addition spat out a 1p in the change dispenser… not something you’d usually get when paying by card.

“See a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck”

Not one for superstition or really ever reading into starsigns she picked up the penny and felt something shift.

Now there wasn’t anything momentous or lucky about the rest of that day, only the optimism returning with the touch of a copper coin.

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