Snowing Embers


“and he said, it started to snow embers, sparks from the sun, a sign of the last battle, a sign the war is won”

They’d made it through the heatwave with a dehydrated mind, when all that was wanted was to give up, and in to the bind.

The breeze grew colder, chilly and forceful, it was needed, craved each and every morsel. As it filled their noses, lungs and head; clearing out the dust bowl, so sand covered thoughts could be read.

They’d made it through, their eyes greeted with colour, fire and freshness; their bones relaxed, no longer restless.

The first step outside was one of a victory lap; one that would keep going until their final clap.

What happened in between was time capsuled away, for someone else to hopefully not find; no that would ruin their day. It’ll happen anyway because problems are passed through the generations. Inevitable sadly but that doesn’t mean they become like poor Boo Radley.

That’s the easy option, one without scars; i’d take another one just to see those stars.

Diamonds, pixie dust clusters, fireflies shining with so much lustre. They are something you don’t want to miss, each shine with so much light you’d think the darkness has been kissed.

And yes I know they are brighter in the dark but you must know they started beaming way before the day lost it’s spark. They keep burning, simple as; they just keep going. So remember that when you think the embers will never start snowing.

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